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We are one of the few Internet Defamation attorneys who have actually taken cases through a full trial and have prevailed. We are also one of the few online libel lawyers who have actually obtained permanent injunctions forcing the authors of defamatory postings to remove them from the Internet. Due to their implications on the First Amendment's Free Speech protections, permanent injunctions are rarely granted by courts. We have obtained them and know how to give you the best chance to stop unlawful defamation that may be disguised as free speech.
In our Internet defamation law practice, we frequently respond to clients who present us with Internet Defamation Law questions, such as:
  • Someone has posted defamatory comments about me on an Internet blog or in an Internet forum or a social networking site. What can I do?
  • I have received a cease and desist notice accusing me of Internet defamation. How can I protect my rights?  Should I resolve the case or not?
Internet Defamation is a false statement of material fact that damages the reputation and that is published in the Internet. An Internet Defamation Lawyer with our Internet Defamation Law Firm can recognize legally actionable statements posted on the Internet and swiftly intervene to protect your online reputation. In the Internet age, defamatory statements can be instantly published to a worldwide audience.
  • Who is liable for these Internet defamatory statements?
  • What if the Internet defamatory statements are published by a third parties in an Internet forum or Blog? Is the Internet Service Provider liable for Internet Defamation?
  • Does Internet defamation liability extend to the publisher of the content? To the Internet content distributor?
  • What recourse do you have against someone who is trying to destroy your business or reputation by publishing defamatory statements online and engaging in Internet defamation?

We can assist you in evaluating negative online statements. Defamatory forum posts, blog posts, or online articles posted in the Internet could ruin your business and your professional reputation. Our Internet defamation attorneys can assist you to protect your good name.  You may contact us with online libel questions or potential cases, including:

  • You are the victim of Internet libel or Internet slander
  • Someone has posted defamatory posts in an Internet blog or Internet forum
  • Negative Internet posts threaten to damage your reputation or the reputation of your business
  • Your business is attacked online by competitors attempting to gain an advantage by defaming your business on the Internet
  • Internet Defamatory statements prevent you from advancing your career
  • Internet defamation litigation questions

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Written By: Dom Rivera