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UDRP Domain Name Disputes

Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)

When a domain name infringes on a trademark, the UDRP is an available option.  Not all situations qualify for a UDRP and if used when inapplicable, you will lose your UDRP claim. The UDRP is an arbitration process which provides an alternative to the filing of a lawsuit in order to facilitate the resolution of domain name disputes. A UDRP attorney from our firm is experienced in Domain Name Disputes and UDRP proceedings. Rivera Law Group can assist you of you need to obtain or recover a domain name through a UDRP proceeding.

If you are a trademark owner and someone has registered a domain name that infringes on that trademark, our UDRP attorneys and domain name lawyers can assist you to obtain the domain name. Similarly, if someone is attempting to take your domain name through a UDRP proceeding, our firm is experienced in domain name litigation and UDRP proceedings and can provide you with UDRP legal assistance. Someone may have registered a domain that is confusingly similar to your domain name or trademark. Our UDRP lawyers can represent your interests and assist you in obtaining the domain name, whether through UDRP arbitration or through domain name litigation.

In situations not involving trademark rights, the UDRP may not apply.  Be sure to visit our general domain name law page for additional information.

In general, to prevail in an UDRP proceeding, a complainant must prove that: 1) the domain names are either identical or confusingly similar; 2) that the registrant has no legitimate interest in the name, and 3) that the registration and use of the domain name is in bad faith.

The UDRP procedure is overseen by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Effective UDRP legal representation requires the knowledge and experience of an effective and experienced domain name lawyer.

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Written By: Dom Rivera