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Stolen Domain Name

Domain Name Theft

Has your domain name been stolen? We have experience in recovering domain names.  There are many ways in which your domain name may be stolen.

  • Direct Domain Name Theft - Stolen Domain Name

Direct Domain Name Theft occurs when your registrar takes your domain name away from you and refuses to return it to you. Direct domain name theft can also occur when someone steals your domain name administrator information and hijacks your domain name and/or the website to which the domain name resolves. Our domain names attorneys are experienced in recovering stolen domain names, whether the domain was wrongfully taken away by your domain name registrar or by a domain name thief, our domain name attorneys can assist.

  • Indirect Domain Name Theft - Stolen Domain Name Rights

Indirect Domain Name Theft occurs when you are the victim of cyber squatting / cyber-piracy. When this happens, a domain name containing your name or trademark is registered with a bad faith intent to profit. We can assist you to protect your domain name rights.

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