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Domain Name Disputes or Domain Name Infringement

We frequently assist clients with domain name disputes, including stolen domain names, trademark infringement in domain names, domain name litigation, or arbitration proceedings under the UDRP.  Our domain name attorneys frequently answer questions such as the following:

  • Someone has stolen my domain name, how can I get my domain name back?
  • Where can I find an attorney who is well versed in Domain Name Law and who can competently represent me in UDRP proceedings or in domain name dispute litigation?
  • Someone has registered a domain name that contains my name, the name of my business or infringes on my trademark. How do I get the domain name?
  • I have received a cease and desist notice demanding me to transfer my domain name. How can I protect my rights?

Our domain name lawyers are experienced in advising our clients on issues pertaining to domain name laws. The laws applying to domain name legal issues and domain name disputes require competent advice from an experienced domain name lawyer. A domain name lawyer with our firm regularly advises our clients about complex domain name issues. Even if your domain name is stolen, our domain name lawyers can provide domain name recovery assistance.

A domain name attorney with our firm can provide domain name law advice and guidance to make sure your that your Internet operations are in compliance with domain name laws and regulations. Compliance with domain name laws is critical to insure the success of your business. For example, one of our domain name attorneys can assist you if you have any legal questions or concerns involving Cyber-Piracy or the Truth in Domain Names Act.

Similarly, an experienced domain name lawyer with our firm can provide you with domain name law advice with all your domain name legal issues, including trademark infringement. Trademark infringement issues in Domain Names present themselves in many ways, including Cybersquatting. A domain name law attorney can advice you on how to protect your business against a cybersquatter. A domain name lawyer with our firm can also assist your business in applying the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act to protect your domain name legal rights.

We also assist our client during Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) arbitration. Effective UDRP representation by a competent domain name lawyer can be the difference between keeping or losing your domain name. Our domain name law attorneys can provide domain name law assistance.

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Written By: Dom Rivera