Cyber Security

Our cyber security law practice leverages our knowledge of Cyber Law with our computer security technocal know-how.  These are some highlights of our qualifications in cyber security:
  • Ground breaking legal decisions, being one of the "first-to" law firms in cyber security, we have participated in pioneer decisions in the areas of cyber crime and computer hacking.  That is only the law side of the equation, our team also:
  • Experience defending some of the most highly attacked government and military computer networks in the world and computer hacking industry certifications such as: GPEN (GIAC Network Penetration Tester), GCIH (Giac Certified Incident Handler), CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker)... and more
We leverage our technical and legal expertise to assist our clients in protecting their information systems and resources from cyber crime and in acting in compliance of strict government cyber security regulations.  Our clients enjoy legal compliance and are protected against computer attackes, including insider attacks.

With our unique cyber security background, we investigate and prosecute cases under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the Stored Communications Act, computer trespass statues and other relevant laws and regulations.  We are cybersecurity law pioneers and assist our client in the cybersecurity area, including legal, technical, ethical, and business considerations. 

We also assist our clients with regulatory compliance issues.  We advise clients on the risks and the potential opportunities associated with a cyber world.  As your cybersecurity firm, we have compiled a team with many years of experience in defending military networks, consulting in matters related to computer forensics investigations, investigating and prosecuting cybercrime, and navigating regulatory and political developments that affect our clients' business.  
Our enterprise legal risk assessment may be combined with a hands-on network vulnerability testing where we not only talk about the risks to the enterprise, but also assess and demonstrate the issues.  Senior management support is critical in securing the enterprise network, we assist our clients in understanding and visualizing the risks.  Whether performing a risk assessment, a network penetration test, a forensics analysis of a network breach, or developing a compliance program or SAFETY Act protection plan, we assist our clients with all legal issues related to cybersecurity.  

In the event of a cybersecurity breach or hacking incident, we assist our clients in restoring network integrity and in establishing proper legal and business due diligence.  Hacking incident response involves both legal and technological considerations.  We assist our clients in establishing controls to prevent potential violations or responding to criminal investigations.  We also explain the nuances behind the requirements for notice, law enforcemen reporting, public disclosure, and privacy issues.  Regarding the actual incident response, we provide forensic investigation assistance in the event of unauthorized access to information or an information security breach.   

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