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Internet Copyright Infringement Lawyer - Copyright Representation From a Law Firm that not only talks copyright law, but that has DONE what many thought undoable.  The Rivera Law Group was the first law firm in the United States to win a jury trial involving allegations of Internet copyright infringement (piracy) against the U.S. Department of Justice.  Our client was alleged to be the leader of the world's most prolific music piracy group.  The Government spent several years preparing their prosecution... we had a few months! - This case was initially heard in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia but the jury trial occurred in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas.  

In our Internet copyright infringement law practice, our Internet Copyright Lawyers frequently respond to clients who present us with the following Internet Copyright Law questions:

  • Someone has copied the contents of my Internet website. How do I stop this Internet copyright infringement? Can I swiftly take down the infringing website and protect my copyright?
  • Someone has taken down my website through a Digital Millennium Copyright Act Takedown Notice. How do I get my Internet website back online and defend myself against the accusations of Internet copyright infringement?
  • I have received a cease and desist notice accusing me of Internet copyright infringement and my website has been taken down due to a copyright infringement accusation. How can I protect my rights?

Online copyright infringement may occur when someone copies the contents of your website. 
A competitor may copy your business' website in an attempt to gain an unwarranted competitive advantage through the use of the copied website content. These acts amount to Internet copyright infringement. When this happens, your business must be prepared to aggressively defend against these Internet copyright infringement acts.

Accused of Internet copyright infringement?  
Our Internet copyright infringement lawyers can provide you with the necessary advice and Internet copyright law assistance.  We have already successfully defended clients that received demand letters from attorneys representing pornographers alleging illegal bit-torrent downloads of their movies.

Our Internet attorneys are experienced in online copyright infringement. Whether the best approach to resolve your Internet copyright infringement matter is to issue a cease and desist notice, a Digital Millennium Copyright Act Takedown Notice, the filing of a lawsuit, other techniques, or a combination of tactics, our online copyright infringement lawyers can assist you in protecting one of your business' most important assets: your business' website.

If you receive a cease and desist notice, your website is taken down as a result of a DMCA Takedown Notice, or are served with an Internet copyright infringement lawsuit, you need the specialized knowledge of our Internet copyright infringement lawyers. Our Internet copyright infringement lawyers are experienced in the interpretation and litigation of the major online copyright infringement statutes, and online copyright infringement laws.

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